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The Administrative Planning Unit is a multifaceted component that is essential for the efficient and effective operation of the Department. The Unit is responsible for multi-year planning, staffing and allocation alternatives, and contingency planning. The Unit assists in budgeting, operational planning, and research.


The primary responsibility of the Code Enforcement function is to ensure the highest possible quality of life is enjoyed by all residents of the Town of Palm Beach through enforcement of Town codes and ordinances. The Parking Enforcement function regulates the use of all parking in the Town of Palm Beach by enforcement of parking ordinances and regulations in order to create an adequate turnover of the limited number of parking spaces available and to ensure compliance with residential permit parking programs. We encourage you to review the informational brochures listed below.

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Abandoned Property Registration

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The Records Unit ensures the proper management and storage of public records as defined in 119.011(11), Florida Statutes.  Records management seeks to manage records during their life cycle, from the conception through active use, inactive storage, and final disposition. When requesting a police report, please keep in mind the following:  When a report in under investigation, the department will not release it unless ordered by the courts. If requesting a crash report within the first 60 days of the incident, the requester has to be named on the report (either directly involved or a representative of an involved insurance company).  After the 60 day period, anyone is able to obtain a copy of the crash report. 

Records Requests should be sent directly to:  GovQA Portal - Records Requests


The Communications Unit is responsible for a variety of functions in and outside of the Police Department. This Unit is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When you call, you will always speak to a professionally trained 911 Operator who will assess your situation and decide the appropriate response. These functions include radio communications, telephone communications, teletype, and automated data communications. This unit provides dispatch services for police, fire, and emergency medical services.


The Business and Community Relations Unit is responsible for the personnel administration function of the Department, in conjunction with the Town’s People and Culture Department. The Business and Community Relations Unit is also responsible for the maintenance of the Department’s training and travel records. The Administrative Captain serves as the Department's spokesperson and is responsible for promoting better understanding and cooperation between the Police Department and the general public through citizen awareness and education. The Administrative Captain creates news releases and police blotters and disseminates this information through the media. This Unit is also responsible for the operation and administration of Police Department Community Programs and Events for the Town of Palm Beach.



Ficus trees and hedges throughout South Florida have been hard hit by the Ficus Whitefly, which causes the leaves to turn yellow and drop from the plant. The pest is new to the continental US and has been found mainly infesting Ficus benjamina (Weeping Fig) and Ficus microcarpa (Cuban Laurel), although they can be found on other species of ficus as well.

Learn more about Whitefly by viewing the Whitefly Information Pamphlet or by emailing Code Enforcement's dedicated Whitefly email address.