Law Enforcement

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The primary responsibilities of Patrol are to protect life and property; to prevent and suppress crime; to preserve the public order; and to apprehend violators of State, County, and Town laws andChild on vehicle ordinances. Patrol officers are the first responders to critical incidents and to all calls for help. They are the backbone of the Police Department and their omnipresence has a deterrent effect on criminal activity within the Town of Palm Beach.

Motorcycle Pic.jpgMotorcycle Patrol Unit
The Motorcycle Patrol Unit is a highly mobile, highly visible patrol unit, able to rapidly respond to special problem situations within the community during peak problem times. The unit provides deterrence and vigilant protection for the residents and businesses in Palm Beach.

Business and Community Relations 
Police Officers assigned to this unit are multi-tasked. They focus on issues and concerns of businesses and community groups in Palm Beach, provide a variety of programs related to crime prevention and public safety, and establish relationships with the public through personal contacts.

Special Ops Unit (SOU) & Hostage Negotiation Team 
These are groups of specially trained police personnel assigned to various units in the Department who, when called together, operate as a team to effectuate a mission not capable of being handled utilizing ordinary police methods.

Underwater Search and Recovery Team (Dive Team) 
Consists of specially trained police officers assigned to various units within the Department who, when called together, operate as a team to conduct underwater search and recovery missions.

All Terrain Vehicle
The Town of Palm Beach has approximately 13 miles of beachfront.  ATV's are well suited for the patrol of beaches, parks and other rough terrain.  ATV patrol also offers opportunities for positive personal contact between the officers and the community while patrolling the beaches and parks in the Town.

Bicycle Patrol Unit
The bicycle is considered by the Palm Beach Police Department to be an adjunct to the traditional patrol car. Officers assigned to this unit use the bicycle as an outreach from their patrol car in order to facilitate community policing 

The Criminal Investigations Unit is not one individual component but rather a combination of sub-units.

  • Detective Bureau
    The Detective Bureau is responsible for the investigation and follow-up of all crimes except those related to organized crime or other specialized long-term investigations.
  • Organized Crime/Vice and Narcotics Unit (OCVAN)
    OCVAN is responsible for the investigation of all incidents relating to organized crime, vice activities, narcotics and coordinates all intelligence-related activities.
  • Crime Scene/Evidence Unit
    The CSEU is responsible for crime scene investigations, latent investigation, collection and recovery of physical evidence, laboratory processing, photography and related duties in the field of forensic science.
  • Marine Unit
    The primary responsibility of the Marine Unit is to ensure waterway safety through enforcement of applicable State law and Municipal ordinances within the jurisdiction of the Town of Palm Beach.
  • Crime Intelligence Analyst
    The Crime Intelligence Analyst is responsible for conducting detailed research and analysis of confidential intelligence and investigative information to law enforcement operations and programs.