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1. How do I obtain a copy of police report?
2. Where is the Palm Beach Police Department located?
3. What phone number should I use to contact the Palm Beach Police Department?
4. How can I obtain a parking permit?
5. What information do I need to register my residential or business alarm?
6. How can I obtain a Town of Palm Beach Voluntary Identification Card?
7. How can I obtain an out of state Town of Palm Beach resident Identification Card?
8. I need fingerprints taken for employment, travel, other reasons.
9. Will the police department watch my house when I am away on vacation? Closed House Service
10. Do you offer security surveys?
11. I need a police officer to provide private service at my home or business.
12. How can I apply for a position with the department?
13. Where can I pay a parking citation I received in Palm Beach?
14. How can I Dispute a Parking Ticket
15. I am dissatisfied about my recent contact with a Palm Beach Police Officer, what can I do?
16. How do I find the Town Code of Ordinances?
17. I would like information about Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation Citizen's or Teen Academy.
18. What to do when stopped by a police officer?
19. What to do when stopped by a Police Officer while driving
20. Submit Residential or Business Contact Information to the Palm Beach Police Department.