Will the police department watch my house when I am away on vacation? Closed House Service


The Palm Beach Police Department offers a "Closed House" service.  Before leaving town, whether for a short vacation or for the entire season, call the department's non-emergency number (561-838-5454) to register for this free service or follow the link below to complete the convenient online form or printable Closed House PDF form

When you call, the Telecommunicator will take down pertinent information which will be provided to the officers who patrol your street. Officers will check your house periodically throughout the day and night to insure that it is secure in your absence. When you return to town, call 561-838-5454 to cancel the service. There's no need to re-register each time you leave town. Simply call the Palm Beach Police Department to let us know you wish to activate the service.  

Closed House Printable PDF Form

Closed House Online Reporting Form

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