Reach 7

Reach7 Pic.jpgProgram Details

Sloan’s Curve to The Ambassador Hotel

FDEP Range Monument R-116+500 TO T-125(8,725 feet)

FDEP Designation: Critically Eroded

Current Action

  • Continue Physical Monitoring per BMA-requirement.

2018 Townwide Physical Monitoring Report, January 2019

Reach 7: (R-116+500 to R-128+500)

Over the most recent monitoring period, the Reach 7 shoreline has experienced a net recession of 54.8 feet, with losses observed throughout the reach. Over this monitoring period, Reach 7 lost a net volume of 414,847 CY, with the greatest losses occurring in the central portion of the reach. The most recent renourishment of the Phipps/Reach 7 section of the shoreline occurred between January and April 2016, during which time 1,022,318 CY of beach-quality material was placed. This loss is still partly attributable to equilibration of the material placed within the reach.

Since 1990, Reach 7 has exhibited a net average shoreline advance of 42.0 feet. The reach has exhibited a net volumetric gain of 931,021 CY since 1990. Gains have occurred throughout the reach and are attributable to both the 2016 nourishment effort and a residual volume of sand remaining in the reach from the 2006 nourishment event.

Comprehensive Coastal Management Plan, 1998 Update

Beach fill project and the construction of a groin field.