Emergency Health Profile

SOS 680x400An Emergency Health Profile is a digital platform that allows residents to create and share important health information with emergency responders and healthcare providers in the event of an emergency. The platform enables users to create a personal profile that includes critical health data such as medical conditions, allergies, medications, and emergency contacts. 

The information in the profile can be accessed by authorized emergency responders through the Rapid SOS platform when they respond to an emergency call. This allows them to have immediate access to important information that can help them provide appropriate and timely care.

The Emergency Health Profile by Rapid SOS is designed to improve emergency response times and ensure that individuals receive the appropriate care during an emergency. It is particularly useful for people with medical conditions or allergies that may impact their treatment in an emergency situation.

How It Works

  • Create your free Emergency Health Profile.  Make sure to include your name, address, emergency contacts, medical history, and other information you would like your emergency responders to know.
  • In the event of a emergency, your information will be sent to the responding dispatch center.  This information will then be given to the emergency responders that are already on their way to you. 
  • Make sure you keep all your information up do date by updating your profile when ever there are changes.