Which forms need to be submitted first?

The Statement of Candidate (DS-DE 84) and the Treasurer’s Form (DS-DE 9) must be submitted to the Town prior to any solicitation for campaign contributions or opening a campaign account.  These must also be submitted prior to collecting any of the Candidate Petitions (DS-DE 104) as well.

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1. Which forms need to be submitted first?
2. Why is the Town's qualifying period only one day?
3. Can I appoint myself as treasurer?
4. What is the responsibility of a treasurer?
5. What is considered a contribution?
6. What are considered unacceptable contributions?
7. Can I loan myself money for my campaign?
8. Do I have to fill out the new Form 6 Financial Disclosure Form?
9. Do I have to be a resident of Palm Beach to run for Town Council?
10. Are the signed petitions mandatory?
11. Can I put up political signs for my campaign?
12. Who will see my election documents?
13. Is the Town Clerk’s office responsible for ensuring my forms are correct?