Code Enforcement Board

The Code Enforcement Board hears cases involving violations of the Town Code and ordinances, and imposes administrative fines and other noncriminal penalties where a pending or repeated violation exists. Members must be residents and are appointed by Town Council on the basis of experience or interest in the fields of zoning and building control. The Board includes, whenever possible, an architect, business person, engineer, general contractor, realtor, subcontractor, general member, or person with experience in the field of public health. 

To Apply, please click Here.

Applicants must attach proof of Town of Palm Beach residency with their completed application. Failure to attach proof of residency shall be grounds to reject the application. Proof of residency shall be either a copy of the applicant’s Florida Driver’s License matching the address of the residence as shown on the application, a copy of a utility bill in the applicant’s name at the residence address shown on the application, or by providing an original, fully executed and notarized Declaration of Domicile with the application. Download Declaration of Domicile Form.

Current Members

Bram Majtlis, Chair 

Scotch Peloso, Vice-Chair

Linda K. Wartow, Member

Martin Klein, Member 

Chris Larmoyeux. Member

Pamela Saba, Member

John McGowan, Member

Harris S. Fried, Alternate Member

Pamela Davies, Alternate Member

Meeting Agendas & Back-up Documents

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