Where Have All The Songbirds Gone? I 

“Where Have all the Songbirds Gone?”  was an exciting panel discussion held in February, 2019 at Town Hall to educate our residents on the benefits of including more native plants in our gardens and landscapes to support our birds, pollinators, and other wildlife in Palm Beach.  Experts also informed a standing room only audience about the potentially harmful impacts of the overuse of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers on our fragile, barrier island, and how these toxic chemicals seep into our waterways, potentially harming marine life and contributing to the devastating algae blooms we have been experiencing in south Florida.

We are grateful to Palm Beach resident, Bill Metzger, chairman of the Palm Beach Film Institute, who was our videographer of the event, and the film students at G-Star School of the Arts in Palm Beach County, who created the 29-minute video below of the Songbirds event for us to view. 

Thank you to our co-sponsors, The Garden Club of Palm Beach, The Palm Beach Civic Association, The Preservation Foundation and the Citizens Association of Palm Beach, as well as two Palm Beach families who generously underwrote the speakers’ costs and reception: Susanne and Douglas Durst and Linda and Keith Beaty.   

To view the "Where Have All The Songbirds Gone?" Part 1 panel discussion, please click here.  We hope you find it informative and useful.  No taxpayer dollars were used to fund this event or video.