Hurricane Re-Entry Pass

In order to make it easier for residents and business owners to return to Palm Beach after a storm, the Town has started a Hurricane Re-entry Pass program. Once a storm has passed, and it is safe to return (Phase II), pass-holders will be able to use dedicated traffic lanes when approaching security checkpoints. Only residents and business owners displaying a re-entry placard will be able to use pass-holder lanes. The placards can be obtained either in person at the police department’s Crime Scene Unit, or through an online application. All applicants will need to provide two documents proving residency or business status. There is a limit of two placards per residence or per business, and the placards will be good for two years.

Proof of Residency:
  •  Florida driver’s license or Florida ID card
  •  Florida voter registration card
  •  Automobile registration, title, or insurance
  •  Deed, mortgage, lease, or payment book
  •  Utility bill (dated within the last 3 months)

Proof of Business:

  •  Florida driver’s license or Florida ID card
  •  Business license
  •  Utility bill (dated within the last 3 months)
  •  Statement of need on company letterhead with company official's signature and contact information

For security reasons, pass-holders will still be required to stop and present photo ID at the security checkpoints. 

The online application can be found HERE

or download the application HERE

Hurricane Pass