Prevent Mosquito Breeding

Prevent mosquitoes from breeding by eliminating sources of water they can live in. Some of the key actions property owners can take include:

Ornamental Ponds: Stock with mosquito-eating fish. Avoid spraying with garden insect sprays. Keep water level up.

Swimming Pools: Operate filter and skimmer continuously. If a pool cover is used, keep it tightly sealed.

Boats: Store small boats and kayaks upside down or cover to keep out the rain. Bail out standing water and check bilge for larvae.

Rain Gutters: Keep cleaned and cleared of leaves.

Tree Holes: Fill tree holes with sand where possible.

Containers: All containers should be stored upside down. Discard unwanted containers that might collect rain water or water from sprinklers. This includes: barrels, buckets, wading pools and watering pans under potted plants.

Surface Depressions: Level off surface depressions with standing water so it can run off.

Bromeliads: Flush out bromeliads every 3 to 4 days.