Broadband Study

broadbandAs we become more connected to the digital world, it’s critical that our communities are equipped with the right broadband infrastructure to meet the needs of our residents and businesses. The importance of next-generation broadband that enables high-speed Internet and the many applications it provides is essential to ensure that our community keeps pace with the rest of the world. Affordable, high-speed broadband services provide invaluable benefits to our residents and businesses, ensuring they are able to compete and thrive in the digital economy. Advanced broadband is as critical as electricity was a hundred years ago and we, as a community must embrace it to support our residents’ needs for connectivity today and well into the future.

Purpose of Feasibility Study

The Town of Palm Beach is embarking on the development of a Fiber-Optic Feasibility Study to examine how we are currently served with broadband Infrastructure, particularly focused on the services available to our community residents, anchor institutions, businesses, and key Town services like Public safety, health, education, and arts and cultural opportunities. An essential objective is to confirm that The Town of Palm Beach residents, anchors institutions and businesses have access to the services they need and that they are competitively priced. In addition, the project will examine the types of broadband and wireless services our community will require in the future and develop a broadband plan that provides guiding principles to meet those needs. Over 1,000 communities nationwide have gone through a similar process and many have been able to greatly improve the quality of life for their residents, through better delivery of town services, increased competition, reduced and stable pricing for services, and reducing the overall cost of service delivery by the town.

Magellan Advisors, an international broadband and telecommunications planning will conduct and assist in the development of the Fiber Feasibility Study. They will be onsite in the coming weeks to meet with area residents representatives, anchor institutions and businesses to understand the specific broadband needs of the Town of Palm Beech, to determine the “State of Broadband” and to document the challenges and needs of our specific stakeholders. Affordable, high-speed broadband services provide invaluable benefits to our community. Your participation is key in making sure we continues to be a world class leading community today and well into the future.

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