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All Town Meeting Documents (As of 4/13/2022) Agendas & Backup

All Town Meeting Documents (Prior to 4/13/2022)

Town Council (As of 1/11/2018): Agendas & Backup | Minutes | Actions

Town Council (Prior to 1/11/2018): Agendas | Backup | Minutes | Actions

Board and Commission Meeting Documents: 

Architectural Commission (ARCOM): Agendas |Backup | Minutes 

Code Enforcement Board: Agendas | Backup | Minutes 

Landmarks Preservation Commission: Agendas | Backup | Minutes 

Planning & Zoning Commission: Agendas | Backup | Minutes 

All Other Board, Commission & Committee Meeting Documents:

Investment Advisory Committee:  Agendas, Backup & Minutes

Public Employees Relations Commission:  Agendas, Backup & Minutes 

Recreation Advisory Commission:  Agendas, Backup & Minutes 

Retirement Board of Trustees:  Agendas, Backup & Minutes

Shore Protection Board:  Agendas, Backup & Minutes

Underground Utilities Task Force:  Agendas, Backup & Minutes

Town Council Committees:  Agendas, Backup & Minutes 

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