Metered Parking

Metered parking is available on various streets and municipal parking lots throughout the Town on a first come, first serve basis, including the following locations:

  • Bradley Place (100 Block) - $3/hour
  • Royal Palm Way/Recreation Center Lot - $3/hour
  • Royal Palm Way (100 Block) - $3/hour
  • Peruvian (300 Block) - $3/hour
  • Peruvian (200 Block) - $3/hour
  • South Ocean Blvd (Mid-Town Beach) - $5/hour
  • Phipps Ocean Park (South Lot) - $5/hour
  • Phipps Ocean Park (North Lot) - $5/hour  
  • Sunrise Avenue (100 Block) - $5/hour
  • North County Road - $5/hour

Effective as of October 1, 2022

payment instructions


The Back-Lit graphic LCD screen on each kiosk provides a multi-language display with easy to read numbers and payment instructions. Simply enter your license plate number onto the keypad and follow the payment instructions. Once payment has been made you can simply walk away. Your transaction will be safe and secure.

No Receipt Will Be Printed

The Kiosk Terminal is designed for convenience and does not require you to return to your vehicle to display the time you purchased.

Payment Options

Accepts Credit Cards only. You may also pay by phone via Parkmobile.

If you have any questions or difficulty operating the Kiosk, please call 561-838-5454 and ask for assistance from a Parking Enforcement Officer.