Josh Martin, Director of Planning, Zoning & Building


Josh Martin was named as one of the top 30 young professional urban planners in 2009 by Next American City.  Josh Martin possesses over seventeen (17) years of public, private, and non-profit sector urban planning experience.  Prior to his current role at the Town of Palm Beach, Josh served as the Senior Advisor to the Mayor of the City of Charleston, South Carolina, where he directed, managed, and supervised all activities of departments within the City of Charleston related to the Built Environment of the City, including: Planning, Preservation, and Sustainability; Housing and Community Development; Parks and Capital Projects; Public Services; Transportation; and Government Innovation (800 staff members) departments to include supervising development and implementation of departments’ budgets, analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of departments’ operations, services, programs, and making appropriate recommendations for improvements to Mayor.

Josh also served as project manager for a myriad of special projects under the Mayor’s direction, including but not limited to the management of $250 million capital project campaign, resiliency, affordable/workforce housing, public access, resiliency, and improving the efficiency of basic governmental services within the Mayor’s office as well as multiple government data innovation projects in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies (What Works Cities Program).  Josh completed Bloomberg Philanthropies’ inaugural Senior City Staff Leadership Program alongside senior staff members from thirty-nine (39) other cities around the world, thus honing his executive leadership craft alongside my professional experience. 

Prior to his role in Mayor Tecklenburg’s Office, Josh served as Director of Planning & Strategy at Turnberry Consulting US, a global urban planning and real estate development consultancy (Washington, DC and London, UK) where Josh led numerous strategic development projects located in the US, UK, and Canada including urban infill proj­ects; form-based codes; zoning and development standards analyses; development feasibility and financial studies; retail and commercial schemes; regional and community master plans; and the implementation of the retrofit of suburbia.

Over nine years of his experience involved management level public sector experience including roles as the Town of Bluffton Senior Planner, Community Development Director, Town Manager, the City of Charleston Director of Planning, Preservation, and Economic Innovation under the immediate direction of Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.. Josh maintains an inimitable understanding of urban planning as it relates to development review, public outreach, and entitlement processes involved with land regulation as well as codifying master planning efforts via innovative zoning mechanisms that yield the places envisioned during the master planning efforts. Josh’s unique approach to coding and incentivizing physical redevelopment involves tools that are easy for the public sector to administer and easy for the private sector to understand thus creating "business-friendly" redevelopment areas in towns, districts, and cities alike.

Josh’s experience in community-based planning has involved consulting over 200,000 residents, community members, public officials, and stakeholders in efforts to understand local contexts and acquire approval of public and private projects based upon the concise and cogent premise of "know your audi­ence" as his public outreach strategy.