Mayor & Town Council

The Town Council is the governing body and meets monthly in regular session for purposes of setting policy and carrying out the legislative matters of the Town.  The Council also holds special meetings, as needed, and is responsible for appointing members to serve on the various Town boards and commissions. 
TOWN COUNCIL COMMITTEES  - A new list of Committee assignments have not been provided at this time (April 16, 2021).
Assignments From 2020 year.

Business & Administrative 
Lew Crampton, Chair 
Danielle H. Moore
Finance & Taxation 
Bobbie Lindsay, Chair
Margaret A. Zeidman

Ordinances, Rules & Standards 
Julie Araskog, Chair 
Lew Crampton
Public Safety
Margaret A. Zeidman, Chair 
Julie Araskog  
Public Works
Danielle H. Moore, Chair 
Bobbie Lindsay