Sanitation Bureau

Garbage collection truck


Collection & Disposal of Garbage & Recycling

The Sanitation Bureau Division provides for the collection and disposal of residential and commercial garbage and recycling. Workers collect the garbage by means of various size compaction trucks and transport the material to the town’s transfer station where it is unloaded into large compaction trailers, then transported to Solid Waste Authority for final disposal.


As part of the daily routes, workers also collect garbage and recycling from public containers throughout Town. Recycling is collected using specialized side load trucks, separating material types and then transported to the Solid Waste Authority’s recycling centers for processing. For a detailed description of allowable materials and other information regarding the recycling process, please visit SWA Recycle Right.

Profit Sharing with SWA

The Towns participation in an inter-local profit sharing agreement with SWA provides a revenue stream back to the Town of Palm Beach with the sale of the collected commodities. Participation in the recycling program is encouraged to generate revenue and reduce disposal costs.

Solid Waste Authority Recycling Information

SWA Has available to Palm Beach County residents an Recyclopedia. Within the Recyclopedia you will find information that you need to Recycle Right. By clicking on the following link, you will be taken to the Town of Palm Beach Collection Information. If you have any questions, you can call The Public Works Department at (561)838-5440.

Solid Waste Authority Recycling Information: The Solid Waste Authority's Home Chemical and Recycling Centers (HCRC) located at their Transfer Stations and Jog Road campus offer convenient one-stop drop-off sites for your Hurricane supplies, home chemicals and regular recycling items. View a HCRC flyer for more information.

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Solid Waste Authority News Release:

SWA Household Hazardous Waste Dispose Of Your Household Hazardous Waste at SWA for Free

Solid Waste Authority Household Hazardous Waste Tip #1: Home Chemicals - Save your shelf this spring by cleaning out home hazards from sheds, garages and under sinks. Cleaners, paints, pesticides and automotive products have no place in the regular trash or down storm drains where they can expose people, pets and our environment to harm. Instead, Palm Beach County residents can dispose of their unwanted chemicals at any of the SWA's seven convenient drop-off locations for FREE.

Solid Waste Authority Household Hazardous Waste Tip #2: Fluorescent light bulbs use less electricity than a standard incandescent bulb, last longer, and give off less heat, making them a cost-effective lighting alternative to regular incandescent bulbs. However, fluorescent lamps do contain mercury, and should not be thrown away in the trash. 

Palm Beach County residents are asked to bring their used fluorescent bulbs, and other mercury containing devices such as thermostats, thermometers, electrical switches and liquid mercury, to their nearest SWA Home Chemical and Recycling Center. Palm Beach County residents can dispose of these unwanted chemicals for FREE at any of the SWA's seven convenient drop-off locations.

Solid Waste Authority Household Hazardous Waste Tip #3: Rechargeable Batteries Can Cause Fires if Put in Recycling Bins or Trash  Throwing rechargeable batteries into a recycling bin or the garbage can put property and people’s lives at risk. In fact, fires traced to lithium-ion batteries have been reported at recycling facilities nationwide, and fires have started in the garbage trucks that go to your home. 

Rechargeable batteries power our cell phones, laptops, cordless power tools and even hover boards. These batteries have components that are flammable. If the battery is shorted or damaged, it heats up and produces oxygen, which facilitates combustion. 

Fortunately, Palm Beach County residents can dispose of rechargeable (non-alkaline) batteries for free at any of the SWA's seven Home Chemical and Recycling Centers

Regular alkaline batteries (AA, AAA, C, D and 9 volt) can be placed in your garbage. But any other type of battery (rechargeable, nickel-cadmium, automotive, lithium-ion, cell phone, lead-acid) should be dropped at one of the SWA’s Home Chemical and Recycling Centers

In addition to these locations, many major retailers will recycle batteries for free, and have drop-off containers placed near the front of their stores. Commercial quantities of batteries may require special disposal. Call 561-687-1100 for details on recycling batteries from your business. 

Learn more about how to properly dispose of batteries with the following resources: 

Remember, pollution prevention starts at home. A full list of household hazardous wastes can be found at SWA's Home Chemical and Recycling Center website or by calling (561) 697-2700 or 1 (866) SWA-INFO to learn more about the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County’s Home Chemical and Recycling Centers.