Sanitation Bureau

commercial collection


Collection & Disposal of Garbage & Recycling

The Sanitation Bureau Division provides for the collection and disposal of residential and commercial garbage and recycling. Workers collect the garbage by means of various size compaction trucks and transport the material to the town’s transfer station where it is unloaded into large compaction trailers, then transported to Solid Waste Authority for final disposal.


As part of the daily routes, workers also collect garbage and recycling from public containers throughout Town. Recycling is collected using specialized side load trucks, separating material types and then transported to the Solid Waste Authority’s recycling centers for processing. For a detailed description of allowable materials, and other information regarding the recycling process click on the following link:

Profit Sharing with SWA

The Towns participation in an inter-local profit sharing agreement with SWA provides a revenue stream back to the Town of Palm Beach with the sale of the collected commodities. Participation in the recycling program is encouraged to generate revenue and reduce disposal costs.

Solid Waste Authority Recycling Information(NEW)

SWA Has available to Palm Beach County residents an Recyclopedia. Within the Recyclopedia you will find information that you need to Recycle Right. By clicking on the following link, you will be taken to the Town of Palm Beach Collection Information. If you have any questions, you can call The Public Works Department at (561)838-5440.