The Public Works Administration staff handles the typing, mailings, record keeping, project filing, agreements, easements, contracts related to the Public Works Department.


Our mission is to provide support and assistance to the divisions who maintain through the department of Public Works the infrastructure of town owned facilities, equipment, sidewalks, rights-of-way, curbs, street lights, drainage, PW and fleet vehicles, and refuse that is generated by commercial and residential locations throughout the Town of Palm Beach.


We also provide the resident of Palm Beach with service related to any calls, concerns or inquiries related to the Town of Palm Beach that is maintained or overseen by the department of Public Works.

Department Forms

Easement Removal Agreement (1 Owner)

Easement Removal Agreement (2 Owners)

Easement Abandonment Application

Easement Consent Form / Utility Company Contacts

Public Records Request

The Town of Palm Beach is highly committed to transparency and efficiency in fulfilling public records requests.  For your convenience, the Town offers the following options for submitting public records requests:

Search Records Online - Many of our commonly requested records (such as agendas, minutes, resolutions, and ordinances) are available via our Online Search Tool.

Submit Online Request - This option allows requesters to electronically submit requests and even view request statuses as the request is processed.

The Town charges for the actual cost of duplication and, if applicable, staff time. Payment of the estimated amount due is generally required prior to receipt of the records. If the actual costs are less than the estimate, the difference will be refunded to the requestor. If the actual costs are beginning to reach or exceed the estimate, then an additional estimate and deposit shall be required before the remainder of the work is begun and records accumulated to that point will be provided to the requestor. The Town charges an extensive use fee for any request that is anticipated to exceed 15 minutes to fulfill, and considers all requests submitted on a given day by the same requestor as one request for these purposes.

For further assistance, please contact the Town Clerk's Office by e-mail or call 561-838-5416.