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Bids and RFPs

The Town of Palm Beach utilizes a 100% electronic solicitation platform and contract management software. All solicitations, including Bids (ITB), Requests for Proposals (RFP), Requests for Qualifications (RFQ), and Requests for Information (RFI) will be released electronically through the online platform powered by Negometrix (pronounced knee-go-metrics). Responses by bidders or proposers must be submitted electronically through the same online platform.

The Town will no longer accept paper responses to solicitations which is part of our goal to leave a greener footprint. The process is 100% electronic.

We are confident this new system will benefit our Suppliers and Proposers in both time and cost savings to respond to Town solicitations. No more hand delivery of bid responses; no more wondering if FedX or UPS will get the documents delivered on-time. Responses will now be done from the comfort of our vendor's offices.

The benefits to the Town are many: This is a fully integrated system from project planning all the way through contract award and management. Vendors are required to register with the Negometrix system for FREE. Registration is required to view the solicitation details and participate in the solicitations.

For formal solicitations the Town will also post an advertisement in the Palm Beach Post, DemandStar, and Public Purchase. Our goal is outreach to secure as many qualified submittals as possible. All three platforms will direct the vendor to submit online through Negometrix. Our contracted vendor, Negometrix, has a vendor support hotline manned from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, to assist vendors with submittal issues.

For Invitation to Bid (ITB), a tabulation sheet will automatically be generated by the software after the user department has reviewed and authorized the submittals. This provides ample notification for any potential protest.

Current Contracts & Agreements

To see the Current Town Contracts, click here: Town of Palm Beach Contracts


To see a 'How to Register' guide, click here: Registration Guide

To Register Your Company, click here: Negometrix Vendor Registration  By clicking this link your browser will be directed to the Negometrix website and a new tab will open.

To see the Current Town Solicitations, click here: Town of Palm Beach Solicitations   By clicking this link your browser will be directed to the Town of Palm Beach solicitation page within the Negometrix website and a new tab will open.

In order to respond to our solicitations you must register on the Negometrix platform.

Need support? Negometrix Service Desk; Telephone (724) 888-5294; Email

Respectfully, advertisements for Town solicitations can be accessed through Onvia DemandStar and/or Public Purchase. Click on the links below to be re-directed to teir websites. Please note that the complete solicitation packages are only available through Negometrix.

Onvia DemandStar

By clicking this link your browser will be directed to the DemandStar website and a new tab will open: Onvia DemandStar

Click the words Download/Order next to the active request you're looking for. Note that DemandStar does charge a small, nominal, login fee (required to become a planholder) unless you're already a subscriber. If you need help downloading any documents you can contact Onvia DemandStar at (800) 711-1712 or email

Public Purchase

To access any Town solicitations from Public Purchase, click on the title below. You will be directed to the Public Purchase website and a new tab will open. In order to download a solicitation you must register with Public Purchase. Registration is free. If you need help downloading any documents you can contact Public Purchase at

Document Sources

Respondents are advised that Negometrix is the recommended sources of solicitations, notices, addenda, and other communications for the Town of Palm Beach. The Town is not under any obligation and will not email notifications concerning the posting, amendment or close of solicitations. Vendors are responsible to check Negometrix for information and updates concerning solicitations or contact the Purchasing Division. It shall be the responsibility of each bidder, during and prior to bid submittal to determine if any addenda have been issued and to obtain such addenda.

Questions may be addressed to the Purchasing Division at