About the Department



Fire protection for the island began in 1894 with a volunteer group located in West Palm Beach. In 1921, the Palm Beach Fire Rescue Department was created but continued as a volunteer department until the late 40’s early 50s.

Expanded history of Palm Beach Fire Rescue


Many changes have occurred since then and today the Palm Beach Fire Rescue Department employs 80 full-time employees and eight part time employees which make up the Fire Rescue and Ocean Rescue divisions. These numbers consist of 66 State-certified firefighters who are also medically certified as Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics, A Fire Rescue Chief, Administrative Chief, EMS Chief, Training Chief, three administrative support positions, Fire Marshal, Fire inspector, and five full time and eight part-time lifeguards in the Ocean Rescue Division 

Fire Rescue Department Today

There are three fire-rescue stations throughout the Town located to minimize response time and provide maximum coverage to all areas of the island.Each Station contains at least one rescue unit and one suppression unit. The Central Fire Station and the South Fire Station both also contain an aerial ladder truck. The department responds to an average of 2600 calls per year.