Parking Permits

The following parking permits are available at the east entrance of Town Hall, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Town Hall is located at 360 South County Road, Palm Beach, FL 33480.

Yearly Residential and Visitor Parking Permits

  • Maximum 8 permits per residence (choice of residential decal permits or visitor permits)
  • Issued for street/block of residence only
  • $50 fee per permit
  • Application to be made by resident (proof of residence required)
  • Valid for 1 year (expire annually December 31st)
  • Allows parking in spaces marked, "Permit Parking Only" on the street and block of residence

 Required Documentation

  1. Current vehicle registration for residential parking permits
  2. Identification including your name and the Palm Beach address for which the permit will be issued (vehicle registration, driver’s license, utility bill showing service address, lease agreement)

Application for Residential Parking Permit

Gainesville & Arlington Plans

Decals and visitor permits are available for purchase on December 1st and will expire on December 31st of each year. Parking citations will not be issued on expired permits until January 16th and residents are responsible for obtaining valid permits before the end of the grace period. Any vehicle without a valid permit after January 15th will be issued a citation for an expired permit. During the grace period, parking enforcement will issue citations for all other parking violations such as failure to display the permit or improper display of the permit.

Temporary Group Residential Parking Permit

Temporary Group Residential Parking permits are available at no cost to residents participating in the Residential Parking Permit program. Only the residents of the specific residential permit parking area within which the Temporary Group Permit is being applied for and whose household has previously purchased two (2) visitor permits for the current permit year are eligible for the Temporary Group Permits. An applicant can request up to 50% of the number of available residential permit parking spaces on their street.

Application for Temporary Group Residential Parking Permit

Parking Placards

  • Issued for periods of either 1, 4, 6 or 12 consecutive months
  • Fee: $165 for 1 month, $554 for 4 months, $777 for 6 months, $1,454 for 12 months
  • It is prohibited for placard purchasers to sell, rent or otherwise charge another for the use of their placard
  • First come, first served

Palm Beach Placard Permit Parking Program Pamphlet (revised 11/1/2022)

Renewal Notices

Placard holders are responsible for the renewal of the parking placard prior to the expiration date. Parking enforcement will issue citations for any vehicle with an expired placard. If the parking placard is not renewed prior to the expiration date, placard will be offered to the next person on the waiting list, if one exists, or made available to the public for sale.