Flagler Memorial Bridge Adjusted Opening Schedule Trial

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Your Input Is Needed: Coast Guard Testing Adjusted Flagler Memorial Bridge Opening Schedule

The United States Coast Guard is testing an alternative bridge opening schedule for the Flagler Memorial Bridge / North Bridge in hopes of alleviating rush hour vehicle congestion and needs your input by September 29, 2023 at 11:59 pm in order to determine whether the schedule will become permanent following the conclusion of the test.

The Adjusted Schedule Being Tested

From August 1, 2023 until January 22, 2024, the United States Coast Guard is testing an adjusted opening schedule of the Flagler Memorial Bridge to study the impacts of bridge openings on peak rush-hour vehicle congestion.  During the trial period, the Bridge will only open on the quarter hour, e.g. 8:15 am, between the hours of 7:30-9:00 am and 4:00-6:00 pm, Monday through Friday with the exception of Federal holidays.  The Bridge will continue to open on the quarter and three-quarter hour outside of these designated times.  Following the conclusion of this test, the Bridge will revert to its twice-an-hour openings during all hours, including rush hour.  The Coast Guard will review the results, in addition to the submitted public comment, in order to come to a conclusion.

How I Can Help?

The Town has received an immense volume of comments, concerns and complaints regarding Townwide congestion and this is a prime opportunity to have your voices heard and possibly improve traffic in Town.

Please use the following link to submit your formal comment on the Federal government's portal.

Verify your comment was submitted or read others by viewing the comments page.

Here are some tips to submit an effective public comment:

  • Open your comment with "I support" or "I do not support"
    • Ex: If you are in favor of reduced bridge openings during rush hour, start with "I support"
  • Establish your credibility
    • Ex: Do you live or work in Palm Beach? Does your child go to school in Palm Beach?
  • You can be as anonymous or detailed as you like - any information you provide will be available for anyone to read
  • Include specific personal evidence and how you are impacted with and without the proposed change
    • Safety insights plus any qualitative or quantitative data is especially effective
  • Address what affects you the most - length does not reflect the comment's value
  • Feel free to upload any photos or videos that support your comment
  • Most importantly: ensure you complete the whole form and click submit - see above for the link to view your submitted comments and others