Career Opportunities


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How do I apply?

You can check for job openings a few ways.   Follow any of our social media accounts for upcoming employment opportunities, the Town of Palm Beach Official website, or check for postings on 

How does the hiring process work?   

The first 100 applications received will be screened and offered initial video interview which will be comprised of a few basic questions.  Based on your performance you will be called and offered an in-person interview in front of our hiring board.  If you are selected to continue, you will be required to do a ride time 0800-1700, with one of our crews.  This serves as both a peer evaluation from our crews, and to see if you feel like you are a good fit for our organization.  The final phase is a final interview with the Chief and Assistant Chief of Palm Beach Fire Rescue.  From there, if selected you will be given a conditional offer while your background, medical physical, and psychiatric evaluations are being conducted.  


When should I expect to hear if my application has been accepted or not?   

You should be notified within one week of the close of the application period.  

Does Palm Beach Fire Rescue contact my references? 

At times we may reach out to your references to learn more about you.  

How long is the hiring process? 

The Hiring Process usually takes from two to four months. 

Is there a probationary period? 

You will initially be required to attend our recruit academy, usually, consisting of 3 weeks, Monday - Friday 0800-1700.   From then, you will shadow a firefighter for two shifts.  You will then be required to complete your 12 month probationary period which will include a probationary manual consisting of procedural and standard operating guideline reviews, skills and performance evaluations, and medical training.  A quarterly exam will be conducted as well as a final cumulative exam.  Based on your performance and evaluations, you will either have successfully completed your probation, be offered and extension, or your you will be let go.  

Can I apply as an EMT? 

Based on the needs of the department, at times we offer opportunities to both EMT’s and Paramedics. 

Do I have to be a Florida State Certified Fire Fighter? 

Yes, we require you to have a current Florida State Firefighter certification.  

Can I visit Palm Beach Fire Rescue before I apply? 

Yes, by joining the ranks at Palm Beach Fire Rescue you entering into a family of amazing men and women.  We encourage that you make sure we are the right fit for you as well before you make the commitment to join our organization.