Strategic Planning Board

Strategic Planning Board 2022

2022 Strategic Planning Board: From the Left: Peter McKelvy, Katherine Ostberg, Skip Aldridge, Beth Dowdle, Mayor Danielle H. Moore, Kristen Kelly-Fisher, Michael Reiter, Nicki McDonald, and Michael Pucillo 

The Town Council authorized the formation of an ad hoc advisory Strategic Planning Board. The Strategic Planning Board will submit a proposed strategic plan to the Town Council for its consideration no later than the regular meeting of the Town Council to be held April 2023. The strategic plan will cover a period of five (5) years forward from the fiscal year in which it is submitted, will be in a form that will permit it to be periodically updated, and shall contain or take account of the following items: 

  • The Town' s Comprehensive Plan; 
  • A Town  mission statement; 
  • Broad strategic long- term goals which express the preferred future state of the Town; 
  • An assessment of the Town' s internal and external environment, including key demographic, economic, social, and cultural factors, that could significantly affect the Town' s vision of itself and its values; 
  • An evaluation of the Town' s long- term assets and current resources, and the resources needed to achieve its strategic goals; 
  • An appraisal of intergovernmental issues, technological and other opportunities that may be available, and long range problems and issues that need to be addressed; 
  • One or more action plans, which incorporate the foregoing and discuss the Town' s strengths that should be maximized, its weakness that should be minimized or eliminated, opportunities that should be explored, threats facing the Town that should be addressed, and activities and programs that should be eliminated, created, or restructured to achieve the Town' s strategic goals.

The Strategic Planning Board shall have advisory functions only and shall consist of up to nine( 9) residents of the community. Mayor Danielle H. Moore is hereby appointed as member of the Strategic Planning Board and shall serve as Chair. At the direction of the Town Manager, the Deputy Town Manager, Assistant Town Manager, Department Heads, and other key members of the Town staff shall facilitate the board and participate in the planning process. At the regular meeting of the Town Council, to be held on December 14, 2021, Mayor Danielle H. Moore nominated eight (8) residents of the Town with proven track record in strategic planning or equivalent experience in either the public or private sector to serve on the Strategic Planning Board.

The term of office of the members of the Strategic Planning Board shall cease on the date such board submits a proposed strategic plan to the Town Council for its consideration, whereupon such board shall automatically be dissolved without further action of the Town Council.

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Board Members:

Mayor Danielle H. Moore

Skip Aldridge, Member

Beth Dowdle, Member

Kristen Kelly-Fisher, Member

Nicki McDonald, Member

Peter McKelvy, Member

Katherine Ostberg, Member

Michael Pucillo, Member

Michael Reiter, Member