COVID- 19 Vaccinations

covid2Effective today, new submissions to the Town’s Covid-19 Vaccination Waiting List will be temporarily paused to allow Town staff to finish scrubbing the list to eliminate ineligible submissions. Additions to the list will resume at a later date. There are approximately 3,100 eligible individuals currently on the waiting list. Each individual who submitted their information is “in line” based on their date and time-stamped submission.

Key Information:

  • Over the next several days, the Town will be reaching out, via email, to individuals on the waiting list to advise them of their current place in line. (It is important to note that the number provided will be the worst-case number, as many people are pursuing vaccinations from other sources and will eventually drop off our list.) 
  • Unfortunately, we do not know if and when we will receive more vaccines, but we will continue to pursue the county and state and will contact those that have registered  once more appointments are available.
  • Because we cannot guarantee the delivery of additional vaccine supply, we are encouraging individuals to check with their private medical providers for other options. 
  • Additional options to seek appointments are listed below:

    1. Palm Beach County Healthcare District ( Please note that the Health Department is not currently taking additional appointment requests at this time. They are only scheduling appointments for those who are already on their waiting list.
    2. Publix Pharmacies (
    3. Baptist Health (
    4. Tenet (
    5. HCA (

    6. VA Medical Center (561-422-6838 - veterans only)
  • All future appointments will be scheduled based upon the Covid-19 Vaccination Waiting List. The Town will contact you via email from "" regarding an appoint. Please be on the look out for that email. 

  • Proof of identification of Florida residency must be verified through a government-issued ID with a photo.

  • For all current information on Covid-19, please click here and follow instructions to get registered to the Town of Palm Beach Covid-19 Alerts. 

Vaccination Frequently Asked Questions- Click Here 



  • By now, over 1,000 Palm Beach individuals have received the first dose of the MODERNA vaccine. The second dose of the vaccine will be provided in 28 days.  
  • The Fire-Rescue Department plans to remind you to make an appointment for your second dose through the Acuity scheduling system used to make the first dose appointment.  Look for an email from “
  • Those who were vaccinated by the Fire-Rescue Department were given a card that records the date of the first dose and the lot number of the vaccine. This information is also in the database.
  • IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT No vaccine gives you 100% immunity. The Moderna vaccine, as reported in the trial, is 94% effective* after 2 doses. The efficacy after one dose was not determined but may be forthcoming. 

Please understand that you MUST continue to wear a mask and social distance for four reasons:

  1. You may already have the virus but, are asymptomatic or in an early phase where you have not yet developed symptoms which means you can give the virus to others.
  2. You may get the virus. It takes 2 doses, 28 days apart and 7 weeks* from the first dose to achieve the 94% immunity, therefore if exposed before you have achieved the 94% immunity you may become infected.
  3. It is not known how long immunity lasts, therefore until the length of time is established you must continue mask wearing and social distancing.
  4. No vaccine gives you 100% immunity and it will take some time to establish the 80-85% herd immunity to this very contagious virus.

* An efficacy rate of 94% means there was a 94% reduction from the number of expected infections without vaccination.

Generally, it takes 10-15 days for the immune system to generate an effective immune response.